About Us
Louisiana Youth Sports Network is a non-profit 501(c)(3) tax-exempt community service organization, based in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, created to provide quality athletics programs for youth, boys and girls.

Louisiana Youth Sports Network utilizes organized and structured athletics as a tool to enlighten and cultivate the development of well rounded youth through establishing a foundation of the following life skills:
• Responsibility; Goal Setting; Sportsmanship; Self Control; Smart Decisions; Teamwork; Leadership; Perseverance; Pride; Honor; Trust

Through its’ community endeavor with the Louisiana Academy, Louisiana Youth Sports Network promotes the building of this foundation throughout its programs and by its members.

In no educational arena is knowledge provided with the notion that the recipient should remain on the basic or introductory level, but with the dream to equip them with the ability to reach the highest level and beyond. With this same basic principle we aim to do for the realm of youth sports. Teach to elevate to the highest level possible.

Our basic philosophy is to teach the fundamentals of every sport with the goal to build a solid foundation with the ultimate expectation to establish the ability to further the understanding of the sport that will far exceed the basics. Our programs will also address the prevention of childhood obesity, school dropouts, teen pregnancy, and juvenile crime.
Contact Us
"The Future Of Youth Sports"
2635 Choctaw Drive 2nd Floor Suite 414
Baton Rouge Louisiana 70805
Office #: 225.308.1147
Toll Free #: 888.774.3668
Facsimile #: 225.302.8607
Warranties and Returns
Customer satisfaction is always our goal - so don't hesitate to contact us.
The owners and operators of this website reserve the right to cancel orders for any reason and will notify you if such a rare event is necessary. All refunds will following program procedures for membership.
Privacy Policy
Louisiana Youth Sports Network does not share any customer data or information outside of the organization except where necessary to complete credit card transactions (or with your express permission). We do not at any point collect or store cardholder data.
Email addresses are deeply valued and protected and not shared with any outside agency. We may occasionally send out email campaigns to our customers in order to notify you of program updates and events that we are running. You may always opt out of these.
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